We Buy/Sell Used Aircraft Seats

Second hand seats

To improve effectiveness of retrofit programmes and help airlines to generate new way of income, reduce costs of new seats ARCARO AEROSPACE buy/sell used seats in AS REMOVED CONDITION.

Option 1:
ARCARO AEROSPACE Part 145 approved maintenance repair stations is dealing with renovation of old seats or recycling of parts. We help airlines to find right solution for them all over the world.

Option 2:
In production, life cycle of products there is growing pressure to use resources – energy, water, materials – ever more efficiently. There is also the vision of closed material loops. Avoid, recover and reuse are the watchwords.

ARCARO AEROSPACE is launching as first in aircraft interiors industry “Seats Closed Life Cycle Loop” project.The basic idea is that parts that occur in the seats are returned directly to a for example aluminum supplier, who feeds them back into its production process.
ARCARO AEROSPACE then reuses the aluminum sheet produced with this method in its production process. This eliminates the upstream, energy-intensive stages in the value chain. This helps to reduce CO2 emissions substantially.